Preliminary Match
       Final Match
  Preliminary Match Schedule
February 24th (Fri) 21:00 ~ February 26th (Sun) 09:00 ,
2012 (36 Hrs)
* The Schedule is subject to Korean Local Time(GMT+9)


  Participants : White Hacker all around the world


- Register ID in the Preliminary Match site
  (Possible to join the match after match begins)
- Preliminary Match site will be opened in mid-February
  (Additional notice will be given)
  Match Method
- Questions will be given progressively after online log-in
- Must use ID you registered in preliminary match
  (Possible to join the match after match begins)
  Final Match
- Top 8th Ranked team will go on to the final match?
  (if any top 8th team fail to participate in the final match,
  next ranked team will join the final match)
- Send match problem answer sheet to e-mail